Breakfasts without sugar or flour

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Hi all! I have cut out sugar and flour in my diet. And I am really stumped when it comes to breakfast ideas...I need quick and easy too because I tend to be rushing out the door to go to work. Thanks!
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  • Hard boiled eggs.

    Miso soup with tofu - you can make it the night before and put it in a thermos.

    Cottage cheese with fresh fruit.

    Yogurt - they make Brown Cow yogurt now with whole grains in it, it's not bad.

    Raw food bars - very sweet, made with mostly date puree, but no refined sugar.

    Mochi - made with rice flour. You can buy the sheets of it and toast squares in the toaster oven in the morning.

    Beans - garbanzo and mixed bean salad or rice and beans.

  • Have you cut out ALL sugars or just refined sugar? Are you avoiding fruits?

    If you're still eating fruit, i'd suggest a plain unsweetened yogurt (you can make your own too) with fruit and nuts. I really like the flavor of smoked almonds (unsalted though) with plain yogurt, or pistcahios and yogurt. There's also the good old pink grapefruit option.

    There's also the home made museli idea, but you'd have to read the ingredients on all the cereals you include in your recipe to make sure they have no sugar added. You can make a large batch all at once and just have a quick bowl before work.
    • I'm in the same boat lately, so I tried to expand my horizons and eat non-breakfasty foods for breakfast. I had roasted asparagus and a baby-greens salad for breakfast yesterday. Nuts in the vegetables makes the meal taste more filling.

      I gained a few pounds eating eggs/meat every day for the first week of my no-flour diet- it's more difficult finding easy quick foods if you're avoiding flour.

      If you're eating grains but not wheat flour, there's lots of good hot breakfast cereals- I eat buckwheat kasha and add either savory (miso, tahini, yogurt or cottage cheese) or sweet toppings on it. You can cook it up one day and it keeps for quick breakfasts for several days. Obviously oatmeal, bear mush, rice cereal, etc is the same- you don't have to eat them sweet. I've become a really big fan of umeboshi vinegar- it's a salty/sour brine, not a true vinegar, and it's a quick seasoning for things like salad and my savory cereals.

      Miso soup for breakfast is really, really good. I used to make a quick one by boiling water, then pouring it over a broth cube with some vegetables and tofu and then adding the miso- or you can make a soup the day before and now you've got breakfast and lunch. I recommend the Book of Miso and The Book of Tofu for more good Japanese breakfast ideas involving these products.
      • leftover rice (white, brown, jasmine) with a little milk or yogo and fruit

        fruit and juice smoothies (add ice, soy/rice/hemp or animal milk) and blend

        polenta "cakes" with savory or sweet things added (dried fruit, cheeses, nuts, veggies)

        I'm not much of a breakfast eater these days, but on the weekends I usually have a "fakeadellia" (tortilla w/cheese) or "garbage burrito" (tortilla w/ whatever leftovers I've got, some cheese and tobasco) nuked for 45 seconds.
        • I often make Thai sticky rice with mango and coconut milk, but just don't sweeten it with anything other than the mango. Since I get frozen mango year-round from Trader Joe's and had a rice cooker at my last two houses , it was kinda a no-work instant breakfast. Sticky rice is just 'glutinous rice', a variety of rice that's chewier than usual. It comes in either brown or white. You cook it up like normal rice, pour some coconut milk on it, and add fruit and/or sweetener.
          • If we're honestly talking about quick brekkies w/out sugar or flour (which I interpret, personally, as being low-carb) McEvil's has a sausage egg McCrap that I order without the muffin, which means you end up with an egg, sausage, and plasticine cheese. Thanks to modern technology, it's actually relatively tasty, and one fills you up for a fair amount of the morning. If you're sticking with a low glycemic diet of sorts, this is completely legal. Otherwise, dinner leftovers make a great breakfast, as does a fritatta, bacon, eggs, or whatever. Also, a big Fuji apple with "lite" Yoplait yogurt makes a nice breakfast, but it's more sugar than I like, personally. Best wishes!
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    ezekial makes an organic sprouted grain cereal that looks kinda like grape nuts, but no flour in it. yummy with blueberries & soy milk.

    my other standby is avocado mashed w/nutritional yeast & flax meal on brown rice cakes.
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      "my other standby is avocado mashed w/nutritional yeast & flax meal on brown rice cakes."

      sounds ohh, so....well, im not sure what to make of that one
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        "sounds ohh, so....well, im not sure what to make of that one "

        i know, i know, i get all kinds of odd looks with this one at work . it's hippy food, pure & simple. but i love it! especially after morning yoga practice when i've feel the need to replace the lost salts from sweat. give it a try, then tell me how gross it is!

        if rice cakes seem to much like diet food, heat up some left over brown rice with spinach (fresh or frozen) so the spinach wilts. add diced avocado, nutritional yeast, flax seeds, and braggs.
  • when I was on no white sugar and flour I still was using sweetners, so most things had a fair amount on equal in it.
    Some breakfasts I enjoyed:

    - yogurt with cut up strawberries or other fruit (i liked vanilla flavor yogurt sweetened with splenda)
    - ricotta cheese with cinnamon & stevia or equal. yummy with apple slices and on brown rice cakes
    - scrambled eggs with salsa and eggs

    sounds weird - but it's good:
    - yogurt, sugar free jello and unsweetened brown puffed rice cereal, sweeten with stevia or sweetner
  • i prepare my cottage cheese and fruit bowl in a tupperware the night before, because I eat it after my work out, when I get to work. works out great - I love strawberries, apples, mangoes, etc. I'm sure you could try other fruits as well. *yum*

    Cottage cheese is a FANTASTIC source of low fat protein, AND calcium (which ALL of us ladies need!) i also like trying Cottage cheese with salt & pepper, for a more savory flavor. It also melts well into oatmeals, too, for a creamier taste(and added protein, of course)
  • Quinoa as "cereal" with milk, honey, nuts, fruits...
    Steel cut oats - cook up a big batch and reheat as needed. A spoonful of almond butter mixed in, is great... with honey and milk.
    Dates or dried apricots dipped in plain yogurt or labneh, a handful of nuts.
    String cheese
    Peanut or almond butter smeared on a banana.

    If you're only cutting out refined white flour.. you can eat whole grain breads and crackers, too.
  • Have you heard of Namaste products? I am in love right now with their muffin mix! It contains no sugars or sweeteners, and the flours used are sweet rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour. I load mine full of frozen blueberries and cinnamon, then sprinkle with rolled oats before baking. With a bit of light butter, and a cup of chicory-barley-carob-cinnamon roasted tea... mmmMMM! I too, am on a detox diet of no sugars or white flours, and I am SO a bread person when it comes to breakfast!
    (Just scroll down to the muffins for ingredients)

    Also what I've been eating:
    * eggs or omlett with veggies along with yeast-free toast
    * oatmeal/whole oats, swirl in some cinnamon or fresh fruit
    * grits with a little organic milk
    * organic cornflakes or Breakfast O's, with organic milk
    * sprouted bagels with almond butter
    * poached salmon with salt & pepper, and a cup of tea

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