Weight Loss and Snacking...SUGAR!!!!

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Hey there,

I'm currently nannying in the land of Mississippi where food is bountiful and delicious, but not always the healthiest. I find myself snacking a lot on the job, and even though I eat cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden for lunch, I still cannot help but stay away from the "munchies" that are oh, so freaking good. Anyone got any remedies such as drinking tea or something that will lower my cravings for sugar and such??

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  • I found for myself when I do my caffeine kick in the morning, I no longer use raw sugar /sugar. I switched to agave, since I need that sweet kick as well. But switching to agave which doesn't give that nasty insulin spike/damage, but gives the taste I crave. I also then found I no longer would crave sugar through out the day, and when I did, I would have a youghurt/ muesli with agave and then the craving would stop. I also go for fresh fruit when I am craving sweet.
  • eating bitter or sour element foods can seriously cut sugar cravings.

    • Chili,

      what do you usually use for sour and bitter foods to cut cravings?
      I can only think of a couple ides, and would really like to try your suggestion.

      • stuff like tart (not too sweetened) lime- or lemon-ade or just a bite of a wedge of lime can do it for me; salads (bitter) - lettuces and escaroles are naturally bitter; pickles of all kinds; radishes of all I'll brainstorm some more later
        • bug, 22:22 hst ≠ sunday
          offhand i'd say munch on sugar cane stalks . .yet . .you may not be able to find them ( it looks like tall grass ) . We have choke sugar cane growing by the side of the road here in Hawai'ii . Pure cane sugar like that doesn't adversely affect ( impact ) your teeth like the refined varieties or the beet and corn sugars ( thinks: aspartamene - saccarine )
          Try ground nuts √ Goober's peas . Bolied , roasted , even smooth or cruncy peanuts and peanut butter products and other mixed nut varieties
          That's where we grow them in U S - pecans , walnuts , brazil , sunflower, bird seed , etc. Should be plentiful . Good for you , too . Increases LDL and decreases HDL √ hth ∞ /s Dr. Dosh  
          • >Pure cane sugar like that doesn't adversely affect ( impact ) your teeth like the refined varieties or the beet and corn sugars<

            LOL have you been to Jamaica? check out everyone's teeth from eating lots of raw sugar cane!

            another bitter food to counter sugar cravings is anything from the cabbage family -- kale, broccoli, cabbage (and sauerkraut), etc. you can add a few kale leaves to your smoothies and you probably won't even notice, but it will help cut your sugar intake/desires.

            even adding a few drops of bitters to a glass of water (fizzy or not) can stop sugar cravings.
            • Mo
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              Mmm I love bitters in fizzy water, and there are so many good kinds these days! Grapefruit bitters in fizzy H2O was one of my favorite pregnancy mocktails.
              • Campari ® is a bitter √ 10 :40 am ish To0ø0O•sday ≠ HST • 
                When pregnant we drink Shirley Temples and Roy Rodgers and do not smoke n e thing n e where @ n e time
                Of course , if i ever i get pregnant . . ...whatever it is . . .. . it won't be afraid of the dark *<;Q~
                Happy Fathers' Day week everyone <3
                /s , Dr. Dosh and ohana
       <- E Z food for LA - Z ppl
  • I had a terrible problem with snacking all the time and eating the wrong foods. But now I have developed a healthy drink for me that alter my snacking habits. I am sharing a receipe with you and you can also have a try of it.
    What you need:
    1.5 cups baby spinach leaves
    about six frozen medium size strawberries
    1/8 cup frozen blueberries
    5 cherry tomatoes
    5 baby carrots
    2 oz acai juice
    2 oz pomegranate juice

    Put all of these ingredients into a blender or juicer (a juicer works best) and blend. You'll end up with a sort of smoothie. I hope this could be a great help!!
    • . Thursday 11 am ME time EST √ u s a
      . Chewing raw cane sugar ( the stalk ) will not rot your teeth √
      Much brown sugar these days is refined ( white ) sugar they coat with molassas to make it brown again
      Sodas are corn syrup and 145 calories of fructose , not sucrose
      They will rot your teeth
      Have your kids put a tooth in a soda for a week this summer
      see what happens
      h t h ∞
  • I’ve always been one of those people that needs something sweet after dinner. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just something to satisfy my sweet tooth and stop it from nagging me. I suggest chocolate dipped strawberries. They are not bad.

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