Stir Fry

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It's quick and keeps all the flavour and nutrients in the vegetables.
A wok.. high heat.. A little oil.. Some veggies...
Little salt, little pepper.... your personal choice of seasoning..
I like my vegetables just a little done.. so they are hot.. but still have some crisp to it.
It's a good way to eat healthy and not spend so much time on it.

you don't necesarilly need a wok... you can use non stick frying pan as well...
When the veggies caramelise and some sediment stays on the bottom of the pan you can use some water to glaze it.
In there is also lots of flavour..
You can use different kinds of flavoured oils.
Nut oils can give great flavour to the vegetables.
Sesame oil is delicious..
Oliveoil is great too.
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    If you have any left over it's delicious slipped into a grilled cheese sandwich! I dated a guy many years ago who used to make stir fry for the sole purpose of grilled cheese - got me hooked!

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