Who drinks green tea?

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I started drinking several cups of hot green tea daily, or several glasses of iced green tea daily, last fall, before I had heart surgery.

I seem to have healed faster this time, and my metabolic panels are consistently within the normal range. Also, I am less hungry and consequently eat less, and feel like exercising more.

I'm sure it's not only the green tea, but I've read so many good things about it.

Anyone else a fan?
  • Huge fan of all forms of tea. I drink more black and oolong than green, but I love a nice, bright Dragon Well, or a toasty Genmai Cha every now and then. I drink tea every day, but I've been doing it for 30-ish years, so I don't know if it has affected my health. Be nice if it were, though, since I'm going to do it anyhow : ).
  • I actually took a class from my Tai Chi instructor about the benefits of tea. Yes, green tea can do all that.

    I used to drink more tea than I have lately. I tend toward herbs in the winter, for fighting off colds and whatnot. I tend towards teas in the summer, mostly to warm me up at work since I sit under the air conditioner vent.

    Look into what variety of tea you're drinking, and find out what kinds of goodies it's got in it. Then tell us!
  • I LOVE green tea; been drinking it for 4 years or so.
    I've been feeling those things lately, I have more resistance at running, and I eat less when I drink it.
    When I'm studying, and I'm so lazy I don't want to cook anything, I have some fruit and some green tea: all settled.
    • Green tea is great after a really brutal workout, and it does seem to cut my appetite down as well. But, do not drink it as often as I like because it seems to really upset my gut... I never thought it might be the fillers! Anyone have a favorite brand they prefer without fillers? I am drinking Good Earth Green tea with Ginseng, sweetened with stevia.

      Owned, what brand do you drink?
  • Mo
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    I love moroccan-style green tea with fresh mint leaves in summer, or organic dried peppermint / peppermint tea in the winter. Delicious with or without sweetener. Very refreshing as a cold beverage, too!
  • My 'iced green tea for lazy me' method

    brew it in the coffee maker (12 cup)

    remove the bags and leave it out to cool

    pour in into a pitcher that's 1/3 full with cold water

    put it in the fridge and drink it constantly

    ***Green tea actually makes me hungry which is awesome because my metabolism is like a snail and if I don't get hungry, I don't eat and that makes it worse
    • This coming payday going to the Asian market that carries Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and other Southeast Asian products. Currently I'm drinking a generic store brand -- and I'm sure it's full of filler, now that that's been mentioned! Dang it. I hadn't thought of that.

      I know several of the clerks at the Asian market, and I'll ask them to translate for me -- they have more varieties and brands that I can think of. No more generic store crap.

      • Hey does anyone know of a good brand for Vietnamese Ice Tea??????

        • yes !
          the land of milk and honey
          u s a
          i purchase the constant comment brand fruit teas from wally world here in Hawai'i for ≠US$2.88 a carton
          for black tea i get mine from Ceylon ( Sri Lanka )
          ∞ h t h Ω
          • I seen in the health food store the other day green tea extract; it in a glass vial with a dropper. I would assume it has the same benefits as green tea... was thinking about buying it, so that if I don't feel like drinking green tea that day I could just maybe put a few drops into whatever I am drinking? Anyone done this? Does it have flavor?
            • Girl, 10:10 am ish 12.08.07
              Probably a bad assumprion . Presume in stead One can make tea out of just about n e thing
              Black ( Ceylon, Columbo - an island near India )
              Green ( far east - Japan )
              Red ( apple cinnamon )
              Yellow ( dandilion ) fiddle heads , etc
              You can buy most fruit teas at Wal-Mart® in packets US$2,88 an assortment . Use honey and milk in black and green , just honey in others
              We are LA-Z after all :) h t h /s Dr. Dosh

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