Fast Easy and Extreamly healthy - Kale and Lemon

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Here it is.

If you are lazy but want to be healthy stock up on Kale and lemon.

In fact kale grows so easily. Just throw some kale starts in some empty spots outside and watch them thrive.

- Squeeze one lemon into a bowl of chopped kale
- Massage it in nicely
- You might add some olive oil and salt

Here are some other things you can easily add if you aren't feeling too lazy
- crushed nuts or seeds
- Cucumber
- Avacado (I always add this)
- Any vegetable you like really.
- Quinoa s a great way to add some substance to this salad. Salt your quinoa and you are good to go
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  • Sounds good. Three questions:
    1. Is kale Swiss chard-ish? I love Swiss chard.
    2. Does kale have to be de-ribbed before using?
    3. Can kale be steamed or stir-fried?

    I like trying new things, and this is one I've somehow missed.

    • Kale can steamed, stir fried, thrown into mash potatoes for stamp pot, boiled as mean greens/greens, baked in the oven into chips, I've used it in a veggie lasgne.
      It is a bit rougher than Swiss chard, and has a bite and is filling, High in calcium.
      I normally shred, cut or tear the leaves. I give the the stalky stem ends to the goats to eat which I just chop off fast and easy.

      Thanks for the share as soon as some grows, this what I am going to use!

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